Rizvi Architects
Camp Beach Cliff

Camp Beech Cliff is an existing day camp on Mount Desert Island bordering on Echo Lake. The camp is set on 50 steeply sloped and wooded acres and serves approximately 125-160 children ages 7 through 14. The camp is located on a very rich site, and is aesthetically enhanced by the presence of natural elements such as a stone quarry, a beautiful cedar forest and Echo Lake. The camp’s program and occupancy has been consistently growing over the past few years, however, there has been almost no physical growth. Because the camp does not have the proper infrastructure to address this demand, staff housing has begun to encroach on the camp’s programmatic spaces, which greatly reduces the camp’s functionality.

Rizvi Architects created a master plan for the camp which addressed some of the key issues affecting the camp’s current functionality, while also providing sufficient physical growth for the camp’s projected increased occupancy. Although the steep slope created access problems and reduced the site’s buildable area, it also allowed for great design opportunity. A new master plan allowed for a holistic design approach to the camp’s physical requirements.

The new design proposes to demolish and replace all of the existing structures and replace them with twenty new ones. The buildings include a grouping of two larger buildings, including a multipurpose building containing a gym and service wing with toilet rooms, locker rooms, and mechanical space; an administration building with offices and conference space; and an associated exterior terrace and amphitheater. The smaller buildings are distributed throughout the site and include five program cabins, toilet facilities, an archery shed, and two day cabins. In addition, there are three waterfront cabins, including a base cabin with toilet facilities, a swimming cabin, and a boating cabin associated with two docks. Segregated from the day camp facilities, there are five residential buildings for staff, including a staff common area cabin, three sleeping cabins, and a custodian’s house. Adjacent to the custodian’s house there is a storage/maintenance shed.

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